Indiegogo Campaign

Seven years goes by very quickly, and it’s quite incredible what we have managed to achieve as a band in Spain doing what we do.  We have finally decided to do things our way, and follow what we believe is right for us and you.  In these seven years we have recorded two full albums and an EP, recorded 4 videos, toured round the UK, Ukraine, Latvia and played in hundreds of places around Spain.  We really don’t want this to end just yet.  We honestly believe that the best is yet to come.

After saying goodbye to those who thought they could make decisions for us, we want to come back to the real world, and ask you to join us on this new exciting adventure.  We have been quite skeptical about starting this campaign, but we have been careful, taken our time and seen that it works and that it’s the best way to make you part of the experience.  This is a one on one situation where you guys can follow us all the way, and see where your help goes directly.